What Our Clients Say

“ Doug, We just want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to invest our IRA money with you and your company. In the past few years our retirement fund has really been up and down. The money we left in our traditional retirement account didn’t earn anything over the past couple months while the money we invested with your company earned over $6,500 in just over a 2 month period. We are eager to transfer over the rest of our retirement funds so we can invest those funds with you and your company as well.

We didn’t know this kind of return was possible. Thanks to the opportunity you have provided us with, we have high hopes of being able to have the retirement we have hoped for and no longer worry about what the stock market is doing. We look forward to a long lasting investing relationship with you, so please keep us informed on all upcoming opportunities you may have available. Our sincerest thanks,”

– Dennis and Joy Williams

Goal setting "Monopoly" style

My friend Derek gave me this idea of posting monopoly houses on the wall. The idea is to post the number of green houses that you want to flip in a year and replace them one by one with pictures of the actual houses as you buy them. The red hotels will represent keepers that […]

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Using technology to bail you out

So my wife Andrea delivered our 3rd child last Thursday. Owen came into the world a month early and caught us all by surprise. He and Andrea are both doing very well right now and we have been taking it easy on the couch for the past few days. The early delivery came at an […]

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Help your appraiser justify your house’s value

We bought a home in Bloomington in September. An agent brought us the deal as a first day “pocket” listing and we made a full price offer within a few hours. The price on this 3 bedroom 1435 sqft home was $63,600. I felt the ARV on the home would be about $90-95k based on […]

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