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Plenty of old houses still have a long life left to live. If you’re looking to send your old house on a new journey so you can start a new journey of your own, you’re going to need to sell your Riverside County property. Here’s a few things you can do to improve the chances of selling that house quickly.

Thoroughly Assess Your Old House

You’re not going to be able to determine where to start unless you know what your home is worth. Your buyer is going to want an inspection or an appraisal. Why not get ahead of the process and conduct those on your own?

An inspection will let you know what you need to be aware of in terms of defects in the property, and an appraisal will let you know what you can reasonably expect to fetch for your property as it currently stands. These factors will come together to form your starting point.

Make a List of Repairs

Repairs to take note of with your house

Old houses often need work. Time takes a toll on the structure, the plumbing, and even the electrical wiring. Knowing what’s wrong can help you figure out what you can afford to fix before you put your Riverside county house up for sale. If some repairs are going to be too expensive, you aren’t out of options. You can still sell the property regardless of your repair budget.

Carefully Investigate Renovations

Older properties are usually outdated. Some of them have had the same countertops and carpets for decades. Occasionally, renovations will make a property more attractive to a buyer. Some of these renovations will give you the opportunity to charge more for your old house, and buyers will understand that it’s worth a few more dollars for all the improvements you’ve made. Other renovations are purely aesthetic and may not come back to you in the final sale price. Just make sure you’ve done your research before you take out the checkbook.

Price Your Home Competitively

Price Your House Competitively

A lot of people specifically seek out old homes. They might prefer the style, or they may want an affordable house that they can easily remodel to suit their personal tastes. If there are a lot of properties for sale in your area, you need to be able to inspire people to view and consider yours before they search other corners of the neighborhood. Look at what similar homes have sold for, and price your house attractively. Curiosity alone may get potential buyers through the door.

Emphasize the Positives

Your old house is only a part of the deal that buyers are getting when you accept their offer. Do you have a lot of land? Are you in a great school district? If your neighborhood extraordinarily safe? Are you a short commute from grocery stores and medical facilities? Be sure to define all of the other positives as a part of the deal. Location means as much to some buyers as the property itself.

Purchase a Warranty for Peace of Mind

Even if your old property is in great shape, many potential buyers will have lingering fears that something might go wrong at any moment. The fact that the house is virtually perfect now only seems to increase the likelihood that things will begin to go south soon. You can reassure buyers by securing a home warranty.

A home warranty is similar to the warranty you would purchase or receive with anything expensive, like a vehicle or a high tech computer or top tier smartphone. If you provide that warranty, buyers will know that they’ll be at least partially covered in the event that the property needs repairs in the near future. They won’t be afraid that they’ll find themselves spending much more than they had initially anticipated.

DIY Some Small, Affordable Improvements

There are a handful of things that you can do on your own that don’t cost a lot, but they’ll make your home look a little more expensive. Replacing old, dim lighting fixtures or creaky ceiling fans will go a long way in giving your old house a newer feel. Swapping out tarnished dripping faucets for new shiny ones can make a bathroom look a little more remodeled, even if you didn’t actually do much.

Give Your Buyers the Resources They Need

If you can’t afford to do everything yourself or you just don’t have the time, you can do some of the speculative work on behalf of your buyers. If you’ve gotten estimates for repairs, remodels, or other improvements, hand them over to a potential buyer. Let them see what can be done and how much it will cost.

Alert potential buyers to the availability of FHA 203K loans that can be obtained for both buying the house and fixing it up. These loans solve two problems in a single sweep.

Spend Some Time Painting and Landscaping

Home projects you can do yourself

If you don’t consider yourself to be very handy, painting is cheap and easy. Slap a few coats of a nice neutral color on your internal and external walls. It will make the home appear clean and refreshed, and it only takes a day or two and a couple of family members to get a house painted. Mow the grass, pull some weeds, and stick a few inexpensive plants in the ground. It will give your home curb appeal, and it’s only an afternoon of light work.

Sell Your Riverside County Home for Fast Cash in Any Condition

If you want to sell your property right now without spending any money or doing any work, that’s always an option. We can safely, securely, and quickly purchase your home and give you fast cash. We’ll purchase the home in any condition, and we’ll pay for all of the repairs ourselves, no matter how many repairs are needed.

We welcome you to contact us for an offer on your property. We only need some basic details in order to be able to draw up that offer. As soon as you accept, consider your home sold. It’s as simple as that!

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