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Selling a home in El Cajon is no easy task and often the legalities and the long drawn out procedure leaves home owners baffled, which is why you need a reliable agency that can help you to sail through the home selling process smoothly. This is where we come into the picture! With over a decade of experience, we know what it takes to clinch a sale.

A professional Real Estate Investment Firm, we have helped sellers, families as well as individuals, get the best price for their property while making the entire process stress-free and painless.

We are the leading real estate investment firm in the So Cal area and by far the most trusted and reliable establishment of the kind. Here are just a few reasons why you should be contacting us for the sale of your property:

We operate locally

Our office in Murrieta, CA gives us the local advantage. We know the area and its property trends well, so wherever you are in So Cal, we will offer cash for your real estate or you can sell on terms, whatever best suits your specific requirements.

The type of home does not matter

Yes, you heard it right; we buy El Cajon condos, single family houses, mobile homes, old houses, new homes, studio apartments and even commercial property. In other words, you name it and we will buy it. Get in touch with us directly at 951-228-0167 and we will tell you immediately if your house qualifies for our quick buying plan.

Whatever the condition

The structure may be in dire need of repair or your home may just require a few aesthetic modifications, we will still buy the property and in as-is condition. So, you do not have to fork out any money from the sale price for the renovation project.

We have purchasing capacity

We are real estate investors and can buy any home and make it salable. Hence, we are in a position to make competitive offers on all types of houses, while giving due consideration to the current market value of the home.

Where realtors fail, we come in

Working with a realtor can be expensive and time consuming. If you are just not up for the task, we get you the right price for your property and the best part is that you get to keep 100% of the sale price.

We are fast!

7 days or less is the typical time it takes us to close a deal. It would be near impossible to find another buyer who could beat that time frame. We work on your time, so you can sell the property at the earliest and get on with your life.

Your reason for selling will not impact the deal

Reasons for selling a home can vary significantly. While some just want to cash the equity on their home to pay off their debts and start life anew, others are battling bad tenants and then there are also those who are thinking from an investment perspective and would like to short sell. Regardless of what your reasons are, we can get you the best price in the least amount of time and without any harm done to your credit standing.

1 week selling time or whenever you need

At the most, it may take a week for us to complete the sale for you but we can even get it done sooner if that is what you want. We have the know-how, the wherewithal and are flexible enough to work with you to handle the sale in the shortest possible time. In fact, we ensure that the closing process suits your requirements and schedule.

Cash payments – no loans!

We make quick offers on homes and simplify the whole process by opening an escrow almost immediately. All you have to do is complete the paperwork and you get the check in your hands. Essentially, we close the deal just as soon as you want the sale to be completed.

Satisfaction guaranteed

With 12 years of stellar experience dealing with property owners in So Cal, you can expect nothing short of the best service and complete satisfaction from us. We make home selling stress-free, so when you deal with us you are getting into the simplest transaction that you will make this year.

Put your home selling process into fourth gear by filling out this simple and short form. Within a day, we review the property and will get back to you with a suitable offer or talk to you about your expectations from the sale, so that the offer we make meets your requirements. Another way is to call us on 951-228-0167 We work from 9 A.M to 4 P.M. Mon-Fri.


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