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If you have a Escondido home that you really need to sell quickly, but you also need a reliable sale, then this is where you’ll find that. Here, we’ve been helping families and individuals just like you to sell their homes for over 12 years now. As the #1 Trusted Professional Real Estate Investment Company in the So Cal area, we know how to make your sale simple and stress-free. It doesn’t matter why you’re selling, we can help you get the best deal.

Why should you choose us?

Local Knowledge

We’re based in Murrieta, CA and we specialize in assisting So Cal home owners. Wherever you are in this region, we can offer you the best deals, whether you prefer us to purchase on terms or just to pay you cash for your property.

Whatever Your Home, We’ll Buy It

Older house? Newer house? Mobile home? Commercial project? Condo? Land? All these, and many more, are examples of the property we’ll buy. If you’d like to find out whether your home is one we can buy from you, get in touch by calling us at 951-228-0167 and talk to us direct.

Don’t Worry About the Condition

If you have a home that’s waiting for lots of repair work, or an ugly house, don’t worry. With our service, you won’t have to spend anything on repairs, yet we’ll still help you sell it. Our business is based on purchasing properties “as-is”, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t feel like investing any more funds into your home. We’ll still buy it!

We Invest in Homes

We’re all about taking the home you’ve sold us and making it shine. We’ll look at the market value it has right now, and use that to offer you a fair, reasonable price. You can be sure that the offer we make will be as competitive as possible.

Realtor Can’t Help? We Can!

Maybe you’re in a hurry and can’t sit around waiting for your home to be listed by a Realtor. Maybe you’re not happy at the idea of paying for commissions and fees. Maybe you just want a quick sale. Whatever the case, we’ll do what we can to sell your home as fast as we can. And you get to keep ALL the money we offer you.

Fast Buying, Fast Closing – if it’s right for you, we can sell your home in just 7 days – or even less! – allowing you to get on with the things you care about, as quickly as possible.

Whatever You’re Selling, We Can Buy

There are many reasons why you may want to sell up. Maybe you’re facing foreclosure on your house, or perhaps you’ve inherited a home. You may be struggling with short-sale or dealing with bad tenants. Maybe your financial situation is tough. We’re able to buy that home from you, getting you back on the right track – and keeping your credit score healthy, too!

Fast, FAST Sales – we offer sales in 7 days or less, and our flexibility means that we can close on your property at the time that suits you best. We’ll work with you according to what you need, and where you are right now, to make sure that the schedule for the closing process is perfect for you, selling your home just when you want it sold.

Cash Payments

One of the factors that makes our process so simple comes after you accept the offer we make. We’ll provide you with the paperwork you need – all you have to do is to review it and fill it out. Then you pick up your check! And what about escrow? Simple! We open it right away, and close it when you need your payment.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’ve helped many hundreds of clients, and they’ve all realized how easy and straightforward our home buying process really is. They’ve been satisfied, and you will be too: selling your home in Escondido won’t be the hardest sale you’ve made this year… it’ll be the easiest! Selling your home can be a daunting task, but with us by your side the stress will drain away, and you can concentrate on living your life again.

Like what you read here? Want to know more? Just complete the short form and we’ll review your situation. As quickly as 24 hours – sometimes even sooner! – we’ll get back in touch. Then, we’ll talk about your home in detail, and what you need from your sale, and offer you a great deal that will suit you down to the ground. Sometimes we can even make an offer as soon as we contact you! If you’d prefer, we have a direct phone line open 9 a.m. to 4. p.m. Monday to Friday on 951-228-0167.


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