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When selling your Oceanside, CA home, we are a team to rely on. We have 12 years of experience, we are licensed, and we have the best investors, looking to assist you when you are in a difficult situation. As the number one So Cal home buying company locally, not only have we helped hundreds of Oceanside, CA homeowners, we can also help you. Our Murrieta office is centrally located, so regardless of where your home is in the neighboring area, we can work with you.

Any property, any condition

We buy any Oceanside, CA home you are selling. If you have a condo you need to get rid of, a single family or multi-family home, or even trailer parks and mobile homes, we will work with you, and make an offer on the property. With this said, the condition of your property is also irrelevant when it comes to selling to us. Whether the roof is caving in, the foundation is shaky, or the home hasn’t been updated in over 20 years, we will take it off your hands for you.

We buy homes in “as is” condition. What does this mean to you? It means no need to invest, hire contractors, call local inspectors, or spend any money to fix up the home. Regardless of how bad it might look, we will buy your property and take it off your hands.

We are investors and can help where realtors can’t

Sometimes you simply can’t wait several weeks or months for realtors to sell your property. If you are in a tight bind, need quick cash, and need to sell right away, we can help you here as well. In fact, we can close in as little as seven days; in some cases, even sooner if you need us to move a bit faster on the sales process. If you don’t want to work with greedy realtors, you will retain 100% of the profits when you choose to sell to us as well, so this is an added incentive to work with us.

As investors, we are willing to take on any home. We not only have the resources to fix any property, and update it, we have the funds in place which most owners don’t. So, if you simply can’t afford it, are dealing with foreclosure or other issues, or just don’t want a home you inherited from a family member, we are the investors to call in the Oceanside, CA area. We will not only buy the home, we will make the highest offer, which you are not going to receive in the open market.

We buy, no matter what!

Foreclosure? Need to move for work? Simply can’t afford, or don’t want an inherited property? We are here to help. There is no reason you can give us, as to why we wouldn’t work with you. We have seen and heard it all before; and, we have worked with people in similar, or worst situation than yours. So, let us help, and take the property off your hands, when you simply can’t pay for, or do not want it any longer.

Quick cash, and satisfaction guaranteed

We work quickly. In fact, we can close in a period of seven days or less. With this said, the process is also extremely simple with us. We make an offer; if you agree, we sign the paperwork, and pay you with a check in a matter of days. IF you don’t agree, we move on, and there are no penalties you have to worry about.

We also guarantee your satisfaction if you choose to sell to us. We know what the market value is, and we are going to offer it. Further, we will work with you, and listen to negotiations, if you aren’t happy with our initial offer. We want to make this process as easy as possible, so even when you think it is a tough sell, give us a call.

If you are ready to get the process underway, simply fill out the form below, and we will get back to you in a couple of days. We will review your Oceanside home and provide an offer. Conversely, you can call us from 9 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday if you wish to speak to us directly. Our office number is 951-228-0167. We look forward to hearing from you!


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